Isha means that which is fundamental, that which is at the very source. So when practicing Isha hatha yoga we are accessing the dimension which is at the source of your creation. A holistic pathway to health, wellness and complete inner wellbeing. 

Isha Yoga is transmitted the same way it has been in the ancient times. In order to maintain the purity of this lineage, every asana is taught the traditional way with precision and reverence to the process. This is not your regular drop-in class. When you leave the class you will have these authentic yogic technologies for a lifetime.

If you feel called, come and join Tim for the coming weeks

You can come 1 class or all 4 classes, all is good.

Please note:
It would be very beneficial if you can come on an empty stomach.

That means:
4h after a meal
2.5h after a snack
1.5h after a beverage ( coffee, tea, juice)
Water is fine.