Jason is a born dancer raised in Paramibo. He was admitted to “So You Think You Can Dance”, when he was 18, which motivated him to continue the path of dancing. After SYTYCD he started the 4-year ROC Dance course. During this time he gained a lot of experience at the Amsterdam Urban Company and several performances in China.

He was also frequently spotted in the Urban Underground Scene at dance events and battles. After completing ROC Dans, he continued his studies at the Amsterdam School of the Arts (HBO Dans) at the Jazz Musical Dance course, where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in dance. During his internship Jason played a dancing role in ‘Ne me quitte Pas’ by Isabelle Beernaert. He furthermore shared his dance movements in the musical Fiddler on the Roof. At the beginning of 2019, Jason was on stage with BLACK MEMORIES, which has been nominated for De Zwaan, a collaborative dance company on behalf of Backbone, dance theatre AYA and Tafel van vijf.

Recently Jason won NCC (Netherlands Choreography Competition) with a deeply moving piece about life ‘The Line’. This was the first time he participated in a choreography competition.