Mahara Holistic Lifestyle.

A holistic tempelshop where you will be provided in (almost) all of your holistic needs.
straight from they heart and right into your soul!

Remember the way to Mahara?
The comfy livingroom of the community, located in the west of Amsterdam’s city centre.
A place that breathes something special.
A place where you feel at home and inspired.
Some call it a shop and some a temple…

Come in for a coffee, golden milk or some tea, stay for a conversation. Wander around in our lushious garden, play with Mr. Nusch (a real tiger incarnated in a housecat’s body), and explore the beautiful yurt/ger. Find yourself chilling on the veranda, or reading a curious book whilst listening to someone play the piano (tuned in 432hz).
Find our extensive programming in our calendar; anything from concerts to lectures, workshops of all kinds, from relaxing yoga to intuitive singing.

Do you have a talent to offer the community? Or an other idea of bringing something to the Mahara livingroom or yurt?

Contact us by email:
Open almost every day : 13.00 – 18.00
Check if we are open: 020 752 1871

Clercqstraat 123