“The Next Us Training:” 


Holistic exercises for improving physical ,mental and meta-physical health. 


Movement is as old as humanity, and the training of movement has since been essential to our overall health ever since we exist. In some cultures, movement has even become essential for spiritual health and development.


You can find these ‘holistic’ approaches to movement on all continents of our planet. But, mostly known are the Asian ones. Think of India and their yoga philosophies; but also, China and their ancient Martial-Art practices, like Tai-chi and Chi-gong.


In the Next Us Training we practice exercises and movement philosophies coming from various different cultures and practices around the world.  We combine the understanding and method of yogic disciplines with for example Martial-Art forms, like Muay Thai Kick-boxing, Capoeira, and Pencak Silat.


The diverse practice supports and develops physical strength & flexibility, mental fortitude, balance, endurance and inner energetic awareness. On the mental plane it supports in releasing stress, overcoming fears, developing confidence and helps grounding and relaxing the mind.