Who am I?


What a question! I am…have always been and will be… and the meaning of my name given to me is “Little Big Story.” I am no more or less than the miracle of you…I am the space-holder for the vulnerable-heart – and learn exactly that I am teaching. I am guided by Spirit of my Womb and she is my Teacher and Guide. 


My purpose is to guide the awakening of the Feminine and bring into harmony the balance of sacred masculine and feminine in all of us, brothers as sisters…To usher in the New Age of Aquarius by opening us up to living from our higher heart and truth. I have pledged and devoted myself to humanity and Earth. 


I am passionate about living from our higher heart and to guide and realign others to what they already know, their truth and purpose. I share and craft my work through cyclic medicine wisdom: 

Air- Love, Understanding and Vision through one on one spiritual psychotherapy, 

Fire- Passion and Wild Sensuality through Shamanic Journey & Trance Dance Ceremonies, 

Water: Women’s Wisdom and Reflection through Moonlodges and 

Earth: Deep Trust and In-Body through Moon Yin Sessions and meditations

Spirit – the centre of who you are…You. Your path. Your calling…


I have learned my craft through the darkness and shadow of my life’s journey- and have gained wisdom through the wounds, betrayal and deep pain and grief and feel humbled and blessed. Because of this – I hold the space for others to let go and bring into the light that which needs to be healed… 


I am Mother…and feel honoured and blessed to be entering the pre-shadow of the Crone. I see myself with my silver hair keeping the tea warm and sharing medicine stories to big and little children… 


I love communing with the hidden realm and joining hearts through play- playing music, singing and dance…cooking, art and story-telling…. Looking forward to meeting you 

Blessing of Light and Love