The birth of Mahara

Mahara was born through a vision given to Michelle.She received this name during a meditation with the Blue Lotus and realised if she would
ever have a child she would call it Mahara.
At the time she wasn’t aware that this name resembled the birth of a new movement and a way of living.
Ever since, life took her on a journey through initiations opening her up to receive the information needed to build a temple in modern society.
She travelled to remember the codes of past and future way of living.

After the last initiation, she retreated herself in complete darkness in Guatemala to realise that we have to go back to our roots and rebuild the temple where it is needed the most. Mahara was born, a place for us to anquor the past and the future in this present moment.
The next 5 years she dedicated her life to build a sustainable movement by bridging business and spirituality. Mahara became a heartfelt place within the city, a green oasis where people come together and truly meet. A warm nest, a home where everyone is welcome as one big family.

Mahara would not be complete without her counterpart: Araham – the Art of Embodiment.
Movement is an important part of life, and we can only make our visions visible by truly embodying the art of living.
It is like we’re building a new template from which we can move onward, as this is the beginning of a movement we’re building for us and our future generations.

Meet our team

Meet the Team: Alba

Age: 25 Role at Mahara / Araham: lovely host Sun / Moon / Rising: Aquarius + Leo + Leo Favorite Mahara drink: Guatemala cacao latte Morning ritual: I make myself a nice cup of cacao and set the intention of facing my day with an open heart and a clear mind. Alba’s nr. 1 tip… Continue reading Meet the Team: Alba