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ART INTERVIEW: Helena Arturaleza


ART INTERVIEW:  Helena Arturaleza Vibrant visions of human beings, animals, nature and universal symbols, all engaged in a mesmerizing dance. If you have ever visited Mahara, you surely have encountered one of the beautiful artworks by Helena Arturaleza. Her paintings seem to be very alive, tobreathe even, and show the inseparable connections between humans and the earth. We visited Helena in her studio in Amsterdam Oost, where we talked about receiving downloads, dancing paintbrushes, transcending perfectionism and about creating art…



Every Thursday, from Araham’s online dojo or Mahara’s virtual living room to yours. Lectures and workshops by inspirational speakers and teachers, to dive deeper and expand our wisdom, knowledge and skills.



Movement has always been a form of expression for Lizette, a way to let go, feel and find peace. From a young age Lizette loved doing many different sports. She always felt the need to move and connect with her body. After many years in the gym she got her personal trainer diploma and started teaching bootcamp and HIIT workouts. About 7 years ago Lizette found the love for yoga. The power of meditation, breathwork and movement gave her so…



During intuitive flow classe we will use strengthening and intuitive movements combined with yoga. Connecting with the breath, body and mind for more awareness. Creating strength, flexibility, balance and letting the energy flow again.



Isha means that which is fundamental, that which is at the very source. So when practicing Isha hatha yoga we are accessing the dimension which is at the source of your creation. A holistic pathway to health, wellness and complete inner wellbeing.  Isha Yoga is transmitted the same way it has been in the ancient times. In order to maintain the purity of this lineage, every asana is taught the traditional way with precision and reverence to the process. This is not your…



Tim is a classical Hatha yoga teacher who was living for 1 year in Sadhguru's Ashram, also known as the Isha foundation. Within 21 rigorous weeks (1750+ hours), he got trained as a Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher. The training has been the most intense and transformative time of his life. Upon returning from India he was therefore deeply humbled & feels immensely blessed to be able to share these powerful tools of self-transformation with the world.  The processes that Tim is teaching are of tremendous antiquity and have remained undistorted, in their…



The Deep Release treatment is a combination of massage, stretches and breath work. It is a guided experience where you’ll be led back to your most calm state of peace. With gifted hands and a careful heart Kuda welcomes you into a relaxed vibe and makes you feel at ease by getting to know you first and doing a small intake, after which a treatment plan will be made. Every Deep Release treatment is totally tailor made to your needs.…



Eye welcome you, my hands are an extension of yours, my voice is an extension of yours…. Together we dive beyond the veil of that, that bounds us into the physical, behind closed eyes into the stillness i will hold a space for you to enter your heart so that we can surrender into the soundscapes. I work with instruments as singing bowls, gong, drums, flutes etc. to resonate with your resonance into the dept of your being….. My voice…



Cleo Tjitrodipo is a certified, experienced massage therapist and teacher with over 10 years of professional experience in massage and bodywork. Cleo grew up in the cultural melting pot of Suriname, in the Javanese tradition of "Kejawen". Islamic (Sufi) influences and animist, Hindu and Buddhist elements come together here. A basic in Asian households, is to touch and care for your loved one. Passed on from grandparent to grandchild was to massage. And if you were particularly gifted with this…



Thomas first came in contact with shiatsu therapy while living in Japan in 1999. It made a deep impression on him and this fascination turned into a lasting affinity. After an international commercial career, Thomas started attending the four-year HBO Zen Shiatsu Therapy Training in Amsterdam in 2010. Both in 2015, 2017and in 2019 he guided  delegations from the Zen Shiatsu Training in a study trip to Japan. During those journeys Thomas has been able to build a direct and…