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Mahara’s Winter Medicine

Staying in-tune is a true alchemy. Not only should we keep our immune systems high, but also our energetic levels. When the darker days arrive we are being pulled back into our deeper self, like a bear are we going back into a deep sleep where we have time to reflect and to rest. This… Continue reading Mahara’s Winter Medicine

Meet the Team: Alba

Age: 25 Role at Mahara / Araham: lovely host Sun / Moon / Rising: Aquarius + Leo + Leo Favorite Mahara drink: Guatemala cacao latte Morning ritual: I make myself a nice cup of cacao and set the intention of facing my day with an open heart and a clear mind. Alba’s nr. 1 tip… Continue reading Meet the Team: Alba


This fall, you can bring the ritual of drinking cacao to the sacred confines of your own home. Erik from PureKakaw is sharing the recipe to prepare your own ceremonial elixir. And he is reminding you: “The most important is the quality of the cacao and your own intention”. You can find Pure Kakaw in… Continue reading CEREMONIAL CACAO