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Category - CHEFS



Gaia’s picknick Food for the soul. My intention is to create a sensuous experience through food, that nourishes the body and soul and re-connects us with the spirit of mother Gaia. Think of the idea of a picknick, an array of scrumptious bites, all together it is a feast. “Best eaten outside” Delicately picked on flavour, colour and texture… “radiantly light.’ The heart of the meal is whole foods, pure and naked in it’s original innocence, alchemised through cooking, un-cooking,…



 “How would you fancy enjoying the same delicious and healthy dinners you would during a lovely yoga retreat, but in the comfort of your own home?”   As a former Wellness Chef Daniëlle used to nurture thousands of yogi's with gourmet Ayurvedic inspired meals in Ibiza, Crete and Bali. After hanging up her apron for some years, she is putting it back on to prepare her favourite recipes twice a week at the High Vibrational Kitchen of Maharam.   She…