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JourneYin are classes are soft yet powerful healing sessions… Weaving in together the restorative wisdom of the Body, Psyche and Spirit- with the Medicine of Stories. They cultivate the tender awakening of the heart, gentle transformation as well as deep inner calm. JourneYin sessions are crafted in alignment with the transitions of the moon, star and seasonal cycles so that we can tap into our inner natural healing selves. In this way you create your life and vision with more ease,…



Kalarippayattu is the mother of all martial arts, combining rituals with grace, strong jumps, high kicks, complex yet beautiful sequences and ritual prayers with or without weapons. It is traditionally performed in a red earthen temple-like structure, surrounded by oil lamps, gods and flowers. *THIS IS A 90 MIN CLASS  



“Mohini Attam:”    Mohini Attam is the dance of Kerala (India), where the divine feminine comes forward in all its aspects. You are the music, the dance and the actor at the same time. The body waves like a blade of grass in the wind, yet strongly rooted. Expression and storytelling are key components in this type of dance. The combination of mudras, which are a complete language of their own, and feet rhythms complement the music and story.  …