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Category - TEACHERS



Who am I?   What a question! I am…have always been and will be… and the meaning of my name given to me is “Little Big Story.” I am no more or less than the miracle of you…I am the space-holder for the vulnerable-heart – and learn exactly that I am teaching. I am guided by Spirit of my Womb and she is my Teacher and Guide.    My purpose is to guide the awakening of the Feminine and bring…



Djahan Manuela Mazhari Perez, is a Iranian Colombian dancer who has travelled in many parts of the world, to experience her body as home. The place where one can come back to whatever happens in our external world. In India (Kerala) she specialized in the mother of all martial arts: Kalarippayattu and a very gracious ancient  temple dance form: Mohini attam (meaning the bewitching dance).  Both forms are powerful tools in her dance and acting performance, but especially great in…