My background is traditional naturopathy. While i have been Certified to work as a body focussed therapist in 2014
I have been learning a lot from traveling in Africa, Brasil, Cuba, Indonesia, Australia and Mexico. The native people i encountered Have been helping me to understand more and more the mystical side of healing. Well enough understanding to realize that I can only bow to the mystery of life and the life force that flows through all of us .
I am greatfull to be able to holdĀ  space for you in your healing proces. My main focus is to support your self healing properties this can be through deep tissue massage, joint release, rebalancing reflexology.. this is all depending on the needs in the moment on the emotional, spiritual and mental processes. This all are included since body mind and soul are one .. I hope to welcome u soon and go on this journey together
with love,
Celine Dewy