This fall, you can bring the ritual of drinking cacao to the sacred confines of your own home. Erik from PureKakaw is sharing the recipe to prepare your own ceremonial elixir. And he is reminding you: “The most important is the quality of the cacao and your own intention”.

You can find Pure Kakaw in our SHOP. This special quality cacao is directly sourced from the farm and you will notice the difference in spirit and effect.

Choose your dosage (30 to 42 gram per person): there is not a fixed ceremonial dose, but it depends on your sensitivity and goal.

Choose your spices: cayenne is an ancient combination that activates the cacao even more. You can choose different spices and herbs in line with your ceremony. For example, you can use powders or strain a tea from fresh ginger and turmeric and use that as the base of your cacao drink.


Mix the cacao and spices with 150-200ml hot water and blend it into a frothy drink. You get a great result from the blender or an electric frother. But you can also hand whisk it until you pour a drink with rainbow bubbles in your cup ;-).

Take your time to sit down, reconnect with your intention and root it in with every sip you take. You can make your own ritual at home (beautiful to start the day). And sharing cacao with your loved ones only amplifies the practice and gratitude.


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