Art of hosting

Mahara is welcoming you into a one day (re) treat “the art of hosting”

Since Im 14 i used to work in places where I would host and facilitate the space and the guests. As a host I learned step by step the art of hosting and i found this skill one of the most inspiring role’s to facilitate. For me hosting is being in service of something greater, yet it’s a very profound and detailed skill to have. Every move, thought or detail counts.

“One cup of tea can change someone’s experience”

This day will be a download about all of this so are you working as a host, do you organise events where you work with hosts, do you have a company which includes hosting or are you curious…. Come!
This is an important topic to discuss as we are working with people and facilitate a space which is often in an intimate setting.

Topics that will be discussed:
Where to begin?
How to set up the space?
How to prepare yourself?
How to work with the energy?
How to work with the elements?
How to ground the energy and protect yourself?
How to weave all together in a beautiful harmony while enjoying and feeling safe in what moves around?

This and more…..

With love,
Michelle Mahara

Time: 11:11 – 17:00
Ticket is incl. vegan lunch and a welcoming cacao:)

April 2 @ 11:00
11:00 am

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