Cacao Ceremony – Salon Ruigoord

Hosted by; Mahara, Salon Ruigoord

Live music by Jerry Bloem (and others 🙂


Hello Special people,
We have a very special invite for you in a very special place!
Mahara is by now your host for events and inner-dimensional journeys, so now we want to offer you something very special….
An evening as in 1001 nights, where we sit in a circle and drink from the sacred potion of cacao. We will listen to music, dance of sacred beats, eat from exotic realms and connect…. Because we can!
Friday the 27th of November we invite you in the Salon at Ruigoord. The salon is one of the inspirations of Mahara and this is where we go deeper into our sharing of excitement for life and all its wonders.
We have a very special artist coming who will guide us on his sound scapes and we will all set this up in a transformative ceremony guided by the spirit of Mahara. We all know that magic is there when we open up for it… we are there to open the door for you!
All proceeds will go to Salon Ruigoord & Artists
Doors open at 18:00

November 27 @ 19:30
7:30 pm

This event is sold out!