Cannabis – A Druid’s Story

On this evening we will gather in the cosiness of the Mahara living room, to explore the realm of the cannabis plant and the unique medicine she offers to support our overall well-being and spiritual growth. We will discuss the human endo-cannabinoid system and what role CBD, other cannabinoids and terpenes play in it – as well as how to cultivate a supportive relationship with this plant.

Weaving the teachings of the Cannabis plant with the ‘Druid’s way of living’ will guide us to trace back the footsteps of our European indigenous, pre-roman, spiritual ancestry. Reviving a way of living in harmony with nature, with the wisdom and healing the indigenous plants and trees of these lands have to offer us. Rediscovering the ceremonies and rituals that belong to these lands and where performed by our ancestors to connect more deeply with their inner- and outer nature as they thrived in co-creation with the natural world.

During the evening we will smell, taste, reflect and be open to any questions you may have. As well as there will be an opportunity to take home your own bottle of CBD oil and start exploring your own connection with this plant ally.

* This event is donation based, which means you can give an amount from which you feel from your heart is in alignment.

** For the hungry tummies; at 18:30 there will be served a Maharalicious dinner for €10. Make sure to reserve your plate!

September 29 @ 19:00
7:00 pm