Marynka live – Concert & Cacao Ceremony

Marynka & Mahara, a match made in the heavens. On this evening Michelle will open up all your senses by a sound ceremony and drinking from the sacred potion of Cacao. Afterwards, you will be invited to relax your muscles and dive inwards while Marynka will take you on a musical journey playing Mahara’s piano in 432 hertz.

Marynka invented her own intuitive way of composing and performing.
She calls it Instant Music and she seeks the way to unite Time, Space and
Sound in one entity. Adoration of the moment, letting in the healing
power of music, breaking all boundaries and preconceptions, these are
possible side-effects of listening to Marynka’s music. She creates a state of
deep meditation, constructing an ego-free inner space, where the listener
and the performer meet each other, where there is no suppressive
domination of the intellect.