Cosmic Breathing Experience

Cosmic Breathing Experience – Breath yourself alive

Breathing is the first thing we do being birthed into existence. Breath brings
life into our bodies, nourishes us, is the almost silent soundtrack in the
background of our lifes. Breath is the essence, the gateway to your potential,
to your inner power, to yourself.

Through rhythmical deep reathing and visualisation you will activate your
energy centres and life force energy will flow into all levels of your being. You
will open up your from your physical to your energetic body, you will activate
your inner fire, ground into your body, to open up your wings to fly high.
Experience the self-empowering, energizing, liberating side of breathing, find
clarity within while relaxing into a natural “high”. Access expanded states of
consciousness, bliss and joy coming along with an intensified feeling of
connection to your self, visionary experiences and a vibrant energetic state.

This breathing technique is rooted in the tantric arts and works with the yogic
chakra system providing a unique experience already for centuries. The more
you breathe the further you will go.

Bodo is your guide in this tantric breathing experience. On his own
transformational & self-discovery journey for more than 13 years, he creates
spaces for transformation and inner connection with a symphony of a variety of
tools from Taoism, Shamanism, Breath & Energy Work, Tantric & Yogic
practises, Toning, ThetaHealing and so much more. He is suporting for
cleansing, charging and transforming people aiming for bringing them into
their full potential, their inner power, self-realisation and heart alignment.

Duration: 1,5h including introduction, breathing and relaxation

Investment into yourself: 12 € for pre-booking until 18:00 the day before
or 15 € for drop-ins.

If you are currently financially challenged, just contact me early enough
beforehand ( and we will find a way to
make it happen for you.

Please read this before registration: The applied breathing technique is not
recommended for pregnant women, Note there are a few health issues for
which this technique is not recommended: pregnancy, COPD (chronic lung
diseases), heart disease & uncontrolled high blood pressure, late stage
terminal disease, epilepsy. Note that you are taking part in this workshop on
your own responsibility.

September 26 @ 19:00
7:00 pm

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