You are invited to an intuitive yet mindful Ecstatic Arts (live music, movements and co-created painting) journey with DJ Leela and Leila in the beautiful space of Mahara’s.

This is a powerful combination of freely expressing your power or ‘just you’ in a safe environment, to relax, connect with your inner self and others, and create something beautiful collectively. 💜 Arts is freedom. We have traveled around Europe doing tours of bring this special format of embodiment to everyone.

What is ‘Ecstatic Arts’ – we will guide you into an in-depth ecstatic music journey with different waves, where you can connect deeper with yourselves and/or others, via dancing, painting, meditating, singing, in any way YOU like (with respect and consents)! Similar to Ecstatic Dance, the Arts/Paining form brings us to an intuitive state with our own free-form visual expressions on the same canvas through the journey. As we believe everything is an artist when the space is open. All equipment will be provided so just bring your openness and authentic selves, and trust the process.

The art will be donated to our beautiful community center of Mahara’s as a gift from us all.

About the faciliatitors, Leila and Leela

We are a team from Amsterdam – (Visual Artist) Leila and (Musician DJ/Handpan) Leela. It seems no coincidence that Leila and Leela met at an event where Awareness & Exploration were two of the main ingredients. Both names are derived from Sanskrit, freely interpreted as “…In our daily experience, embracing the dance of life with a hint of playfulness, including the waves of bright & dark matters and sunshine & rain…” It applies to the attitude for what we do. They feel privileged to weave their creativity and experience into both their shared love-life as a loving couple and by offering their gifts and experiences as a team to you, via co-creation of something authentic, ecstatic and beautiful.

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November 20 @ 14:30
2:30 pm

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