From Sacred Sexuality to Pre-Conception The art of the feminine

Welcome in Mahara’s ‘hara’
This evening we dedicate to the birthing proces of creation with the theme ‘from Sacred sensuality to pre-conception’.
This is an inspirational woman gathering for woman who want to step into their sacred sight of expressing love, creating life and bringing life into creation.
We travel through the realms of intimacy, sacred sexuality, self love, purification, womanhood, connecting with your higher self, opening the womb and cleansing womb rituals so that we can invite our divine unborn connection into your temple.
This can be in the vorm of a vision, creative project or to prepare yourself to give birth to a soul.
I invite you into this space to open you up to new possibility’s and perspectives, these practices are ancient and made for the future. We hold the holy grail in our womb and she wants to be expressed so that we can receive a new soul or project into a safe, clean, warm and crystalline womb.
With endless love,

February 7 @ 19:00
7:00 pm

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