New Moon Women’s Sacred Lodge by Wen-Wei Ong 

Beautiful Woman,

Do you feel The Feminine – Awakening…?
She lies hidden in the mystical forests, apple groves, deserts, and oceans…and she is awakening the codes of knowing deep within our womb.
The Wild and Woman…are two of the same and we cannot be shaped, timed, managed, and bent into shape…Our rhythms of the feminine are cyclical and spiral with the ebb and flow of Nature and the Cosmos.

✺Held in the Womb of Mahara
“Grandmother…thank you for your guidance and transforming your daughters…Awakening the movement of my Spirit within your cycles …”
Based on the American Indian tradition and also the global Red Tent movement…women are gathering once again and harnessing and witnessing the power of sitting in Sacred Circle at the New Moon.

The great Feminine Mystery teachings and Womb Lore, which have been lost, are returning and with it our wildishness, inner spiritual landscapes, and power.

*New Moon Initiation Moonlodge*
From the womb of Mahara to yours… Every New Moon a circle of 12 women are invited into the sacred tradition of Moonlodge where you will experience the empowering feminine through the art of holding sacred space, opening and sharing.
Grandmother Moon is changeable and rules over the great oceans and tides and so she harnesses our waters, our feelings and emotions which are also are also changeable…
So when the moon is dark…our inner world is also shadowed.
When sisters come together in sacred intention to open and heal…there is a power that not only shifts the energy but also creates so much space and healing.

Each lodge is based on the sign the Moon is travelling through and we use Oracle Reading to help us open to our inner knowing and womb wisdom. It is a sweet and simple yet potent and powerful form of healing…especially because it is done in the love and care of true sisterhood, where my story is also your story, and by sharing we can truly see that we are never alone…
Come and awaken your feminine sister… share and feel the power of being held…In the beautiful Mahara…the heart of Amsterdam

There will be ancient teachings, healings, singing, sharing of our soul stories…and much more. It is an ancient and very powerful practice to shift energy…
to heal…to feel and come home to the heart… as women it is time to shift the old story of separation into one of true community and divine sisterhood…our strength lies in sharing…

This is a rebirthing moment
* A shifting of old dense energies
* Shared Oracle readings
* Opening the Women’s Medicine Wheel
* Ancient Feminine Wisdom Teachings
* A cultivation of self-love and appreciation…

Come away feeling
…Seen & Heard…
…Understood & Loved…

Intimate space for 12 women
The fee for the initiation is €36,00
Includes vegans snacks and tea. The invitation is to bring something yourself as well, to share with your sisters in circle.

Friday, June 11th
18:30 – 22:00

About Wen-Wei:
“My name is Wen-Wei Ong and I am a teacher, guide and facilitator. I am a keeper of feminine wisdom and keeper of the Heart – because I am Mother. I feel the Earth deeply and I hold her children dear in my heart. My mission is to ensure a loving & harmonious future for our children… And I let Divine Truth &  Love shine through in every area in my life …  My life and Work is guided and in alignment with the wisdom and power of the natural cycles, whether that is 1 on 1 or in group work. I weave experience, guidance, feminine shamanic arts, therapy and much more to bring healing.”

To find out more about Wen-Wei’s beautiful practice, you can check out her website or Instagram.

June 11 @ 18:30
6:30 pm