Full Moon Women’s Sacred Lodge by Wen-Wei Ong

There is such a deep longing to come together…To heal how we do relationships…not just between men and women – This extends further to what it means to live in true heartfelt connection with all of life…
This begins with us – within…
Merging, healing and aligning our feminine and masculine halves …
So we sincerely feel the hurt still within that needs our conscious recognition- and needs to be felt
So that we truly shine our authenticity with openness & vulnerability to the people we love..
Instead of raging, scapegoating, manipulating or throwing cold rejection upon the other as punishment…I invite us to softly begin to bring compassion and understanding which naturally brings healing…
It’s time to step out of a learned way of reacting- one that puts being right over Being LOVE and choosing LOVE over anything…

These lodges are based on the ancient practice of Sacred Union… where before a man and women would unite in true marriage- they would meet their shadow selves at different gates – to heal the wounds still within. Every month we meet at full moon where the sacred masculine the Sun will be shining his full loving light onto the Moon, the sacred feminine …thereby bringing light into the dark..

☾ Guest Sister ☾
Each month will be a guest sister to come and share her knowledge

☾ Teachings ☾
When possible I will share some of the
ancient teachings of Egypt to anchor our Light, Spirit & Body and the Threefold Flame of Power, Wisdom & Love.

This is the next step in how do Right-Relationship…Are you ready?
Because we do these circles together…they are incredibly powerful…

You will gain…
Wisdom that empowers you
Healing through insights
Self-Love…Begins with you

☾ intimate Circles of 12 Women…

☾ PotLuck ☾
Each MoonLodge we all bring some food to share

Ready to truly do Right-Relationships?
Ready to raise your frequency to shine your light into the world?
How we heal ourselves brings healing for the collective as well as the future of our children…
See you there Beautiful Woman



Sunday, May 23rd
12:00 – 16:00

Energy exchange:
Please note: Your ticket = your reservation, max capacity is 12!

Wen-Wei will create a delicious basis for the potluck and the invitation is for everybody to bring something yummy (and vegan) to share.

About Wen-Wei:
“My name is Wen-Wei Ong and I am a teacher, guide and facilitator. I am a keeper of feminine wisdom and keeper of the Heart – because I am Mother. I feel the Earth deeply and I hold her children dear in my heart. My mission is to ensure a loving & harmonious future for our children… And I let Divine Truth &  Love shine through in every area in my life …  My life and Work is guided and in alignment with the wisdom and power of the natural cycles, whether that is 1 on 1 or in group work. I weave experience, guidance, feminine shamanic arts, therapy and much more to bring healing.”

To find out more about Wen-Wei’s beautiful practice, you can check out her website or Instagram.