Healthy Boundaries & Energetic Protection Workshop

“Healthy Boundaries & Energetic Protection” is a practical workshop to empower & support you teaching you tools to bring yourself into a state of energetic, mental, emotional sovereignty. You will be able to confidently navigate your daily in-person and digital encounters, as well as demanding environments like events or city life.
Together we will dive into the energetic understandings, principles and practises of what it means to have healthy boundaries for yourself in contrast to creating a strong energetic protection.

This workshop is for you, if one or more of these points resonate:
* you are picking easily up on other people’s moods, emotions, thoughts, opinions
* you easily feel overwhelmed with other people either alone or in groups
* you feel regulary drained and depleted after being in contact with people or just being in a challenging environment like a city
* you feel often suddenly in a negative mood and itchy for no reason
* you want to feel yourself better and stay in connection to yourself and know what are your wants, needs and desires
* you consider yourself sensitive and/or empathic
* you are a fascilitator, host, therapist, and/or healer or have other intensive contact with people
* you are curious about energy work and want to experience in a practical way how it can support you in your daily life

In this workshop you will learn techniques which give you the ability:
* to center and align yourself
* to ground energetically in a proper and sustainable way
* to set and programme an energetic boundary
* to make your energy field strong & resilient
* create a strong energetic protection around yourself
* clear & refresh your energy field

In the end of this workshop everyone will have the possibility to receive a group healing including energetic downloads & activations, so it is easier for you to integrate and apply what you have learnt.

You can choose between a normal ticket and one which includes one of Mahara`s potent Aura Sprays of your choice (regular price 16 Euro, with this workshop 12 Euro). There is a n Early Bird ticket and one for more Last Minute Birds available.
Included is a digital PDF with the tools and techniques from the workshop.

Note: that there will be a 15 min break in between. Tea and some snacks will be served.

Bodo is your facilitator for “Healthy Boundaries & Energetic Protection”. Working with the spiritual concept of energy for more than 10 years now it has influenced his life so positively that he started to teach the jewels of his experiencea and expertise to empower and support people on their journeys. Beyond that he also offers 1:1 Energy Healing & Coaching Sessions around the topics of Sensitivity & Souvereignity, Authenticitic Self-Expression & Voice Activation, Purpose, Soulful Business & Finance. Bodo’s current main focus is the connection to one’s natural voice. He is a passionate Overtone-Singer facilitating Overtone & Throat Singing Workshops as well as Free Your Voice Circles and Retreats. The major goal of his offerings is to connect people to their true selves, inner lasting joy, unleashing their innate power so they can actualise their highest poential into the world and bringing people from there into resonance, harmony & unity with each other.

**Refund Policy**
If you cancel 72 hours before the event you will receive 100% of the workshop price back excluded booking fees and taxes. If you cancel until 48 hours before the event you will receive 50% of the price back excluded booking fees and taxes. There will be no refund 48 hours prior to the event. Just contact me through

Saturday 13 May 2023 van 14:00 – 17:30

May 13 @ 14:00
2:00 pm

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