Heart Opening ‘Cacao and Dragon Energy’ Ceremony

Do you want to live from your heart? Ready to take your next step in the magic of life?
During this full moon ceremony we will work on further opening your heart with the medicine of cacao and dragon energy. You will develop your own energetic talents and gain new insights by experiencing an intuitive communication workshop, journeying in meditation and receiving energy healing.
After the ceremony you will feel supported, inspired, energetic and probably love yourself even more.
The dragon energy is playfull, wise and supportive. Their medicine is a form of subtle alchemy with powerful results. Together we will build a collective and surrender in the moment to receive their blessing. If you want the dragons can share a personal message for you -a little seed of love- through me at the end.
How this ceremony can support you? Only one way to find out 😉 Feel free to reach out for any questions or to reserve your spot: maarten.stenvers@gmail.com
Do you feel the dragons call?
With love -from the middle- Maarten
july 13th 18:30 @Mahara Zutphen
Donation based to support the Mahara Community
PS: no substances are used during the ceremony so the next day you are full of life and ready to go

July 13 @ 18:30
6:30 pm