Holistic Musicianship

Holistic Musicianship classes by Jur the Fresh.
About the Class:
When observing the old music cultures, I noticed that there is no separation between the ‘performers’ and the audience. Everyone is part of the ritual, playing or dancing or singing. In that respect, it is a pity that in our Western culture our attitude towards music is still a relic from the classical period: we were taught to clap for a good performance without making mistakes. As a result of this, a lot of people are afraid to try and play an instrument, thinking that it will probably not be good enough.
But playing music traditionally gives us a means to connect with the soul and express ourselves from there, honouring life and existence. In this class the goal is to learn to play music that transcends the role of entertainment and to make a real connection with body mind and soul, and others souls as well. We will learn to play without judging, not copying someone else, but playing what you hear in your mind or feel in your heart.
We have all learned to speak in complicated words and grammar. We can all learn to ride a bicycle and drive a car, so why not a musical instrument? Lets learn to listen and speak in the language of frequencies, rhythm, dissonance and harmony. Lets learn to express our deeper selves and find each other from there.
Topics covered:
• Tuning of instruments (including the human body)
• Connecting with the Voice (the soul)
• Connecting with the Instrument (technique)
• Rhythm exercise (listening to yourself)
• Call & Response excersise (listening and copying)
• Holy Jam session (listening and expressing)
About the Teacher:
My name is Jur the Fresh and I first developed a passion for Jimi Hendrix at three years old. Growing up in Zaandam, I was exposed to a lot of what had become known as ‘world music’ in the 90’s by my mother. Eventually I first picked up the guitar at age 12 and started lessons at 13, playing and practicing every day. Through many years of the study of music and its different instruments and playing with many amazing people from different cultural backgrounds, I developed into somewhat of a musical chameleon, effortlessly blending in and improvising with different genres of music while always retaining my own style. It is my mission in life to learn about the healing and unifying aspects of music and share my knowledge and experience through concerts of togetherness and interactive music workshops.

September 25 @ 19:00
7:00 pm