Marynka live – Kids Concert

Marynka live – Kids Concert

Marynka & Mahara, a match made in heaven.

You are cordially invited to come and join us on the beautiful journey

Marynka will take us on with her gift, playing Mahara;s piano. On this special afternoon we are inviting the children to join into the wonder of the world of piano music. We will create a cozy space where we can gather, rest and wonder while we are enjoying the 432 hertz piano concert by Marynka.

Adults €22,-
Kids €11,-
Please email us to make your reservation for kids, you can pay at the door by pin or cash

Marynka invented her own intuitive way of composing and performing.
She calls it Instant Music and she seeks the way to unite Time, Space and
Sound in one entity. Adoration of the moment, letting in the healing
power of music, breaking all boundaries and preconceptions, these are
possible side-effects of listening to Marynka’s music. She creates a state of
deep meditation, constructing an ego-free inner space, where the listener
and the performer meet each other, where there is no suppressive
domination of the intellect.

March 21 @ 14:00
2:00 pm