☆ Lucid Dreaming ☆

A lucid dream is a dream in which you know that you are dreaming. Often this comes with a certain degree of control over the dream.
Not only can this be a super exciting, epic and mindblowing experience, but once you get the hang of it, it can be a powerful tool for self realisation, creativity, learning, problem solving and more…
In this workshop we will discuss those things that you won’t easily find on google. Jethro shares his unique tools and practices for becoming lucid in your dreams and in waking in life…
Jethro Rahajaan has been having lucid dreams since the age of six and has kept this skill alive throughout his life.
See his TedTalk of 2015:
For the hungry tummies: there will be served a Maharalicious dinner at 18:00h. Reserve your plate for €10 via e-mail:

September 30 @ 19:00
7:00 pm