Mahara’s ◇micro◇ Golden Sound Bath

Mahara’s Micro Golden Sound Bath

We would love to invite you for a Maha (means great) Sound Bath!

The time is now and much is in transition so I would love to offer my gift and share with you the frequencies of the Maharic piller of light.

Every now and then i dive deeper in the sound bath to attune back to the original heartbeat, it feels like coming home after a long journey.

This will be a magical experience and an evening to remember. Within this special evening i would love to offer a micro dose of our beloved mushroom to relax the nerveus system and facia so that the sound can resonate even deeper.

This all makes the evening more than just a sound bath, this is a complete and holistic experience.
You will be welcomed withinn the heart,

It’s an alchemy of many elements coming together at they altar of light.


With love,

November 4 @ 19:30
7:30 pm

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