Ease yourself into the day with a mellow morning practice of Yin Yoga.

During the session you will be invited dive deep into the body to discover what lives within. Selecting from the platter of postures offered through the Yin practice, we assume and rest in the positions for prolonged moments, to create space in the joints and places that feel tight, tense or tender.

Through our attention, we shine light on the emotions that have become stuck in these dark and perhaps cold places and through guidance of our breath we support ourselves to safely surrender and let go. During the session you will be carried by the vibrations of velvety smooth jazz & lofi beats to assist in opening our hearts and freeing dense energy that was once blocked…setting it back into motion. Sessions may end with a live soundbath depending on whether the energies moving through, call for it.

These sessions are facilitated by Sanchia, our resident Holistic Bodywork Therapist & Subtle Energy Worker – @puriphijezelf /  https://www.puriphi.nl/

Sessions will take place;

Every Monday @ 9:45 – 11:00 inside the Hidden Body Dojo

December 5 @ 09:45
9:45 am

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