Mystery Star Gates Moonlodge

A deeper journey for the women who feel the calling to create true transformation in the Sacred Spiral of Life and The eight pointed star of Inanna, that is the symbolic journey which beloveds make around the year. Ancients revered the sacred balance seen as the “Great Above and Below”, or “So Within So Without” as a way of cultivating true power, abundance and prosperity.

We can direct our attention and awareness to gather in sacred circle and ceremony to harness the potency of celestial alignments and seasonal gateways, so that we may consciously direct our energy for healing and creation. This is taking respectful responsibility of our actions (the Sacred Masculine).

Each celestial vortex holds its own awakenings and lessons which we will align with through ceremony and ritual as medicine balm to guide us on our path.

August 1st: Lughnasad
September 22nd: Equinox (17:30 – 22:00)
November 7th: Samhain
December 21st: Winter Solstice (17:30 – 22:00)


The fee for the ceremony is €54.

If you’d like to have a high vibrational meal from Mahara’s Kitchen, it will be  a total amount of €65. You can pay the dinner at the day it self.

We hold space for a maximum of 12 participants.

November 7 @ 15:00
3:00 pm