Numerology Blueprint for 2023

A new year means new energy! Let’s dive into the energy from 2023!

In this lecture Numerologist Amberley from Yahnumbers will elaborate on the energetic blueprint for 2023. What to expect and how can we energetically prepare and align ourselves for what’s coming from a holistic perspective. What themes will we encounter next year? And what areas in your life could you focus on a personally?

We are entering the last phase of a 9-year cycle, energetically entering deeper layers of collective healing than ever before. 2022 was all about healing our relationships and redefining the worth of self. We have made major steps in building a healthy community and learning how to hold space for each other.

In 2023 we will dive deeper into holding space for ourselves. Want to know more?
We welcome you to join us on the 22th of November in Mahara’s living room.

We will open the lecture with a cup of cacao! Don’t forget your notebook 🙂

This lecture will be in English.

Looking forward to connect!


Love, Amberley

November 22 @ 19:15
7:15 pm

Get your ticket!