One Day Retreat Creative Haircuts

“Holistic Haircuts & Creative Hairflows”

This is a one day retreat/workshop that is designed for hairdressers to alingh deeper with their passion.

As a hairdresser we have “gold” in our hands. Working with hair is an alchemy and an ancient tool to help people to come home into their self.

What if we can create from our essence and work with flow being connected to the elements?

What if we create from an infinite source of creativity alingd with nature and that of someones nature?

What if we open up to new perspectives, will we see different colors and shapes?

How would the world look like if we connect from inside out?

This and so much more i would love to share with you during a Mahara Holistic Hair & Creative Flow workshop which is a oneday retreat for the soul.

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With creative love,

October 30 @ 10:30
10:30 am

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