Oneness Awakening

Blue Feather Speaks ~ Bear Saorin (known for the Chaga of ‘Bear Medicine’)

Wisdom Sharing & Open Satsang

Bear will cover current topics
» Why has the old world reached its end, and why can’t the inevitable be stopped?
» Which kind of new paradigm will follow? A Cosmic perspective of the current situation.
» Where is the human collective standing in this point of time, what AM I in this, and the true power I have?
» What does it truly mean to connect to Source, to access the abundant flow of the pure universal life force, and to see the Cosmos in it’s entirety? How is it reachable?
Join and share with us in an interesting, mind-opening and mind-bending evening.
This Satsang is donation based.
For the hungry tummies: dinner will be served around 18:00h. Reserve your plate for €10, by sending us an e-mail or just call 🙂

October 15 @ 19:00
7:00 pm