Overtone Singing Experience

Overtone Singing is connecting you to your voice, to yourself, to your body, to the natural harmonics. In this workshop you will learn the basic foundations and techniques, so that you can go on your personal journey with the overtones afterwards. How far you will go with overtone singing depends on how committed you are to practise and explore by yourself and with others on a regular basis. This workshop is really just the beginning of a life long nourishing expansive friendship between you and the overtones. You don’t need any prerequisites or singing experience in order to learn overtone singing. If you decide to contine there will be beginners and advanced classes available 2023 to support you on your journey.

Many benefits are coming with the practise of Overtone Singing. Overtones have the capacity to generate peace, harmony and stillness within yourself. The longer you are embarked on the overtone journey you will see how these qualities emanate into your life. As within so without. The practise of Overtone Singing will empower your voice and expand its capacities, the potential of your natural voice emerges. This has an immense positive effect on your speaking voice or any other type of singing you practice.

If you look for “benefits of overtone singing” on my YouTube channel “Welcome to the Golden Age” you will find a series of videos I made about those benefits.

Bodo is your guide in this overtone singing experience. On his own transformational & self-discovery journey for more than 13 years, he creates spaces for transformation and inner connection with a symphony of a variety of tools from Taoism, Shamanism, Breath & Energy Work, Tantric & Yogic practises, Toning & Sound Healing and much more. On this journey he heard the call of the overtones and attended a workshop in Berlin in 2018. In the beginnging 2021 in a phase of deep introspection he heard the call again and since then overtone singing has been his daily companion. Realizing the power of this practise and getting a lot of positive resonance from people wanting to learn it, Bodo has started teaching his biggest passion.

Practicalities: Please eat lightly, if you eat before the workshop. Tea will be offered throughout the workshop.

Overtone Singing is my passion and I followed the call to share it with you and the world. I offer different prices for my workshops so more people have the chance to participate. Also note that my goal is to make a living from what I love doing. If you feel abundant in your heart and wallet, go for the supporter ticket. That is one way to give me a helping hand on my mission. If you are financially challenged right now and you really would love to join, just get in contact with me (connect@welcometothegoldenage.net) and we will find a solution.

April 16 @ 14:00
2:00 pm

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