Mahara is welcoming you into the realm of the Blue Lotus flower

Through time and space the essence of the blue lotus flower is tickling our awareness with a majestic and mystical touch to support our being within the proces of healing, purification, transformation and a deep feeling of divinity. It is shown in the proces of the flower how deep she works on our base as she grows in the mud, where her roots are rooted down in the deep unknown or our consciousness. The strength of the flower is to rise up and to transform the “lower into the higher” so that we can experience a profound and yet a deep level of divinity which might lighten up our hidden parts.
“Mahara” has many explanations but one of them is “our pillar of light that is our connection with all that is”. In the ancient texts and pictures this is presented as the blue lotus flower.
If you feel the calling of the flower listen well, with an open heart and a quiet mind, for the path is showing us the most sacred insights when we are still from within. This ceremony will support you in this process, Michelle will hold a profound and safe space for all of us so that we can travel deep within and maybe even drink from the nectar of the blue lotus flower.
With blue love,

✨ Limited spots available

augustus 18 @ 19:00
7:00 pm