Sacred Woman’s Moonlodge with Wen Wei

Dear Sacred Woman,

This MoonLodge touches on our mystic and medial woman-self., who we are born with and live inside our deep spiritual realm

She is necessary to become aware of and connect with because she brings us our creative life and she helps us to speak our truth.

To boldly be audacious!

She is our inner Sorceress…. she “ensorcells” others with her words. This means that she can inspire and enchant.

But when she expresses her lower darker nature, she hurts others and puts out their creative life force. She destroys her own creative life.

So dear sister it is imperative to connect with your inner creative nature. To fall in love with yourself!
And live a soulful and joyful life.

Also to become aware of the shadow side of this Medial Mystic part of ourselves.

This moonlodge will guide you deeper into your mystic womanhood and bring you more flow to your Soul’s Path and potential.

*So come to connect with her through shamanic journey
*listen to Medicine Story that brings healing and wisdom
*ritual to embody your mystic nature
*Soul Sharing

hen: June 18th 18:30
Where: MaHaRa’s mystic Yurt Amsterdam

*A symbolic item you wish to be charged with medicine this evening
*Wear clothes that represent your mystic, creative, and magical side
(You can change in Mahara)
* Potluck snack for all to enjoy

Come early to enjoy MaHaRa’s magical garden and delicious Cacao

Thrilled and delighted to see you there sister

Much much heart light

(please note that this description changes every month – stay tuned or subscribe to my newsletter via my website to stay up to date atand what you need to bring also changes every month)


About Wen- Wei

Aloha Dear Woman,

First of all I’m honoured to be a part of MaHaRa’s Tribe and community … you’ll see when you enter the space how nurturing it is!

As for myself.. I am Wen-Wei and I am a Woman’s Keeper, a mother and my passion lies in conciuous heart connected growth.

I guide and inspire women to live their Sacredness and Soul Potential through 1:1 guidance, healing sessions and sacred practices.

I love, teach and pray for a humanity to become fully realised with Spirit in our heart and in ‘right-relationship’ with all.

Much loving gratitude

June 8 @ 15:45
3:45 pm

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