Sentient (Body and) Dance

Sunday morning dance session with live music

Rise, move, see, smell, taste, listen, feel, dance and shine!

Let’s reconnect to this morning feeling, where everything is possible. Award yourself with a moment in the “now”, to explore and express the physical, emotional and energetic body through awareness/consciousness and a childlike playfulness. Together we will work with exercises that stimulate your sensory and kinesthetic awareness. We will work with the breath, rhythms, your own imagination and flowing through different body parts. This dance workshop is a moment for you to embrace and to surrender, to find and see the beauty of things when taking it a little slower, to feel
adventurous and shake things up, to feel warmth and gratitude, to honor your process and to grow, to enjoy and move with the rise and fall of your energy levels and/or emotions, to play, to trust and most of all to be yourself.

This workshop is a dance and improvisation class that can be given in either Dutch or English. Please wear comfortable clothing in which you can move freely. The workshop is for movement enthusiasts, for both less and more experienced movers/dancers and for all that are interested in using
movement and dance to tune in with or express themselves. We aim to create a save space were participants can go through their own personal journey but also share and inspire each other. A holistic dance approach is used, in which ongoing assignments ensure a natural build-up of intensity from start to finish.

This dance workshop will be accompanied by life music and sounds that
stimulate your senses and help you ground. You are free to stay for tea and nourishments after the workshop. Experience pleasure in dance, boost your creativity, follow your intuition and be curious to find the beauty in you!

About the teacher:

Alexandra Loembé (1997) is a young choreographer, teacher and dancer based in Amsterdam. In 2020 she completed the Dance in Education program at the Academy of Theater and Dance (AHK). She has been able to intuitively reinforce and distinguish her dance idiom/movement practice and has developed a transcultural vision in dance and the transfer of dance. During her education she has researched a holistic approach and vision on dance and the dancing body that she applies in her work as a maker, teacher and dancer. This has resulted in an authentic working method in which she works from multi-sensory stimulation and kinesthetic awareness. Within her choreographic and didactic  principles, the here and now, the body as a whole, the power of the process, personal development and style transcending dance are of importance.

I truly believe that by meeting and exchanging with others, you can get closer to yourself and your essence if you are open to it. As a dance artist I would not want to and cannot put myself in one box. This is something that also suits me as a person (because of my Russian-Congolese descent) in this
world. ” – Alexandra Loembé

October 4 @ 11:00
11:00 am