Shamanic Reiki Level I: Initiation & Integration


Reiki is an energy healing modality that works with universal life force energy – or qi – that is present in all things. With Reiki, we learn to connect with, channel and harmonize energy to support healing of the body, mind and spirit.

Reiki uses a combination of hands-on and hands-off healing, sending energy, intention and unconditional love through the hand palms covering the 7 main Chakras (energy centers). It offers a holistic approach to healing, covering not only the energy body, but the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as well – all of which are interconnected. Other elements such as crystals, sound, and aroma can also be incorporated to elevate the experience. Once you have been attuned to Reiki, it is with you for life and always available to support you and your loved ones.

Reiki has supported me on my healing, spiritual and life journey; brought me enormous trust, confidence and love in myself, my path and gifts; and to feel more peace, joy and acceptance in all that I do.

It is my intention to create a safe and sacred space for you on your Reiki journey, to share this healing tradition and lineage with integrity and in an authentic manner, and to help you remember and reconnect with this ancient wisdom that already resides within you.


During this training you will:

  • Understand and work with energy and intention to promote healing for the highest and greatest good
  • De-mystify Reiki, its history, how it works and its basic principles
  • Dive into the 7 main Chakras and the energy body, learning how they effect our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and why looking after our energy body is super important to our overall vitality and well-being
  • Learn how to perform a Reiki treatment on yourself, friends and family, pets and nature
  • Acquire tools and techniques to ground, cleanse and protect your energy and energetic field, and
  • Learn how to set up a sacred space

Level I is a foundational training. In addition to covering the Usui Reiki lineage, traditions and teachings, it incorporates elements of Shamanism – such as the Native American Medicine Wheel, Shamanic Cacao and the unseen realms – which I have learned from my Reiki Master Joanna Lewins (@joanna.lewins) and my Shamanic Cacao & Ceremonialist Apprenticeship teacher Jemmita (@anchoringthelight), as well as my own personal lived experience and journey with Reiki!

This training does not qualify you to treat paying clients, which is covered in the Shamanic Reiki Level II Practitioner training. 


  • Opening Shamanic Cacao Ceremony
  • Guided meditations
  • Group practices and sharings
  • Shamanic Reiki Level I Attunement
  • Shamanic Reiki Level I Manual
  • Shamanic Reiki Level I Certificate
  • Lifelong support from me as your Reiki Master


  • Activate & awaken the main energy centers of the body
  • Unblock, cleanse & release any stagnant, blocked or negative energy
  • Cleanse, protect & ground your energy and any energy that does not belong to you
  • Nourish & re-balance your body, mind & spirit
  • Cultivate deep trust & gain confidence in your intuition and healing capabilities
  • Connect with the unseen realms – energy, spirit guides, power animals – to support you on your journey
  • Be initiated & attuned into the Reiki lineage that remains with you for life
  • Feel grounded, empowered and energetically resilient
  • Be held, seen & supported in a safe & sacred space


EUR 266 (including VAT). Book with a friend and you both receive a 15% discount for a combined price of EUR 452 (EUR 226 per person – ticket must be purchased together). Flexible payment plans are available. There are limited spaces available (max 8 participants). Tickets can be purchased via Eventbrite or email 


This training is for anyone who is interested in Reiki and energy healing. Who is open, curious and committed to co-create a safe space for all participants to learn, share and grow. It is suitable for both beginners as well as experienced practitioners looking for a refresher course and a new perspective incorporating elements of Shamanism.

Questions? Curious? Email me to chat: 

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