Sound and Vibration with the Majestic Blue Lotus

Sound and vibration

with the majestic Blue Lotus

Sound and vibration are waves for healing and purification.

This Friday night Michelle is inviting you into a bath of sound and prayer.
Through the many instruments that we gatherd around the world we designed a session for you to fully arrive in this moment.

‘Let this evening be a gift to you from the highest so that we can remember our purpose and beauty’

The blue lotus will assist in the journey as she has many benefits. The blue lotus opens the senses and channel to the divine. Throughout history the flower was being used by the mystics to communicate with the gods and to celebrate life in a sacred way.

Arrival 19:00 -Start 19:30
The fee for this event is 22 euro.

  • We have limited spots available and handle our Mahara “C-policy”. In the room is a special air filter and we will have yoga mats on 1.5 distance ready for you.
  • Please bring your water bottle and comfortable clothing. We advice to come on a light stomach and with an open heart.

With Love,

December 11 @ 19:00
7:00 pm