Did you know that we are energetic connected to our father and mother through the umbilical cord until we release this consciously? This is something that is forgotten in this day and age wherefore we are still seeking for acknowledgement, approval, love etc when we are grown ups.
In the nature traditions all rites of passages are being honoured and celebrated. Across all cultures, across all continents turning seven is a big rite of passage. It is said that until we are seven we are still ‘discovering’ who we are. During these seven years we receive the programs and concepts that are present in our family lines and we collect experiences ourselves. These together make up who we are. After our first rite of passage we step into our sovereign being. We connect with our purpose and we start walking our paths.
When we turn seven it is time to release the umbilical cord energetically from our mother and our father and connect to the true Father and Mother. We deeply honour the role of our father and our mother in our lives. And we let them go. This is a special and beautiful moment in a child’s life and in the life of the parents. A child now stands on his or her own feet.
As these traditions have been forgotten in this society we usually still carry the cords of our parents. We are still seeking for love externally. Therefore anyone above seven years old can join this workshop too. During this workshop we will release any cord we still hold with our father or mother or ((ex)loved ones.
This ceremony is for children that are in the end of their childhood (around 7-9). And anyone older that feels the power of releasing the umbilical cord to their parents to start walking their own path.

november 7 @ 11:00
11:00 am

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