Duo Yoga Massage Class

Duo Yoga Massage – Every other Monday

Allow your body to unwind and let go of all the stresses and tensions accumulated your body, through movement, meditation and one-on-one exchange of Thai Yoga Massage (Nuad Bo Rarn).

During the class you are invited to tune into your being through breath awareness and a short guided meditation before being lead into a dynamic 2-part sequence of acupressure massage & assisted, passive yoga stretches.

Routines are structured to focus on releasing tension and energy blocks stuck in the body, increasing flexibility and mobility as well opening and calming the mind.

All movements and positions are performed a large padded mat on the ground whilst maintaining awareness of our breath. By activating the para-sympathetic nervous system we allow our body to become grounded and relaxed once again. Leaving you feeling rejuvenated, realigned and ready to take on life.

Duo Yoga Massage is designed to be accessible to all, no matter your fitness or flexibility level and at a fraction of the cost of a treatment, so that you can attend the classes to multiple times a week to receive and learn to give caring, compassionate massage. Whether you come to the class with someone you know or pair up with another participant in session, it’s a beautiful act of compassion and a wonderful gift to give to another friendly soul.

Only 11 spaces available so please book your tickets in advance to guarantee your place.

Tickets are €16 for a single spot and €30 for those who come as a duo and can be booked via the Hipsy link below – ticket sale closes 23:00 on 18th.


Super excited and looking forward to see some old and new faces in the beautiful Dojo of Mahara

Insta: @puriphimassage
FB: @Puriphi

September 19 @ 17:25
5:25 pm

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