Wisdom sharing with Mamo Francisco/ Mambe and Ambil medicine

We are grateful and humble to receive the elder . He is Father * Spiritual Guide* Teacher* Maestro* from the high mountains of the Sierra Nevada Wiwa community, connected with Arhuacos and Kogis, as Colibri Messenger to guide the humanity in this awakening of the new earth. How to live in harmony and balance, grow as individual, partner and community on the earth. How is the giving and taking in balance. How to clean ancestral lines we have so we can invite more light and source to flow through us and live our true life mission.

He is a humble, most wise, sweet and firm teacher that never judges and is open for all. In his life he was walking and studying with many Abus and Mamos, the elders of Wiwa and Kogi tribe. His biggest teacher was an elder women from 110 years old that lives in the high patt of the Sierra Nevada.
For him we are all teacher and student.
He helps us to awake our inner master.

He is also partera with his wife. They work together balanced and in union like example for us.

He teaches us how to organize our life, that sprouts from our origin and how to return back and remember thát. How to take care of all that exist. To know yourself. How to be in partner and create consious new life, how to built community and be in service for humanity.

The tribes exist for thousands of years and have ancestral tools, technologys of nature working with elements and high conciousness and connection with spirit.

They are the guardians of territorys and of the earth. They explain Mother Earth has a body like us; the lungs are in the jungle; the brain in Tibet and the heart in Sierra Nevada Colombia. The healing of the heart and the feminine communication is to find in these territorys. In order for the mother to survive, we need to unite and remember we are all guardians and hów to do this.

June 26 @ 19:00
7:00 pm

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