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Every Thursday, from Araham’s online dojo or Mahara’s virtual living room to yours. Lectures and workshops by inspirational speakers and teachers, to dive deeper and expand our wisdom, knowledge and skills.


During intuitive flow classe we will use strengthening and intuitive movements combined with yoga. Connecting with the breath, body and mind for more awareness. Creating strength, flexibility, balance and letting the energy flow again.


Isha means that which is fundamental, that which is at the very source. So when practicing Isha hatha yoga we are accessing the dimension which is at the source of your creation. A holistic pathway to health, wellness and complete inner wellbeing.  Isha Yoga is transmitted the same way it has been in the ancient times. In order to maintain the purity of this lineage, every asana is taught the traditional way with precision and reverence to the process. This is not your…


JourneYin are classes are soft yet powerful healing sessions… Weaving in together the restorative wisdom of the Body, Psyche and Spirit- with the Medicine of Stories. They cultivate the tender awakening of the heart, gentle transformation as well as deep inner calm. JourneYin sessions are crafted in alignment with the transitions of the moon, star and seasonal cycles so that we can tap into our inner natural healing selves. In this way you create your life and vision with more ease,…


Kalarippayattu is the mother of all martial arts, combining rituals with grace, strong jumps, high kicks, complex yet beautiful sequences and ritual prayers with or without weapons. It is traditionally performed in a red earthen temple-like structure, surrounded by oil lamps, gods and flowers. *THIS IS A 90 MIN CLASS  


“Stick Tai Chi”  These ancient and beautiful Chinese arts have been practiced for thousands of years to promote a harmony of body, mind, and spirit. Working with the energetic principles of yin and yang, the body becomes more mobile, supple, and strong, the spirit is energised, and the mind becomes focused and clear. The Tai Chi Stick has 10 movements, which require a small commitment by students beyond the class to fully manifest the benefits, and a willingness to function…


“Primal Movement”  Embracing the natural tendency for human beings to mimic the movements of Mother Nature, this rediscovered practice explores animal movement, and the movement of wind, fire, and water. It also integrates elements of dance, yoga, as well as allowing space to be spontaneous and still. Although Primal Movement is essentially gentle it can also be strong, so make sure you bring water to stay hydrated and a towel to wipe away your sweat.


“Holistic Handstand”.  A handstand is so much more than a physical ability. Besides muscle control and understanding of alignment, it teaches your whole being to become present, to be sensitive, grounded and centered. With intention, the act of handbalancing can become a super powerful object of mindfulness and meditation. The holistic handstand class puts an emphasis on the journey towards a handstand. Along this journey there are many steppingstones that can already be enjoyed as a meditative practice, also called…


“The Next Us Training:”    Holistic exercises for improving physical ,mental and meta-physical health.    Movement is as old as humanity, and the training of movement has since been essential to our overall health ever since we exist. In some cultures, movement has even become essential for spiritual health and development.   You can find these ‘holistic’ approaches to movement on all continents of our planet. But, mostly known are the Asian ones. Think of India and their yoga philosophies;…


“Baby Dance”.  Jason started to experience the joy of dancing with babies when he became a father. He discovered how dancing together strengthens the connection between the parent and baby, and supports and activates their motor skills. Come and dance yourself free together with your little one. Babies until the age of 2 are very welcome!