The Deep Release treatment is a combination of massage, stretches and breath work.

It is a guided experience where you’ll be led back to your most calm state of peace.

With gifted hands and a careful heart Kuda welcomes you into a relaxed vibe and makes you feel at ease by getting to know you first and doing a small intake, after which a treatment plan will be made.

Every Deep Release treatment is totally tailor made to your needs. Through years of experience in massage and movement therapy Kuda knows exactly how to tune into your body’s needs and how to help it release tension. He uses multiple massage techniques, from Balinese massage to Deep Tissue, Acupressure and Thai Massage. But possibly the most profound of his techniques is the way he combines breath and release together. He will literally teach you how to release tension through calm full breaths and small visualisation gestures.

All these techniques are supported by his deep heart energy, which he uses to receive and send out information and feelings. The combination of his knowledge of the body, mind and energy makes the Deep Release Treatment more than just a massage, a Holistic experience.

If you’d like to let go of pain, stress or trauma and feel grounded, calm and energized again, come by and experience it for yourself.

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