The Kalarippayattu massage is given using warm therapeutic oils on the whole body,
according to the individuals’needs. The oil is applied literally almost everywhere.
Massage is immune boosting, the lubrication has fantastic health benefits.
The joints get fed, the skin, the bones nourished and strengthened. As it is a lymphatic
massage, blood circulation is improved, toxins move out of the tissues, special herbs
support your body and mind helping articulations, easing pains, tension, inflammations,
stress anxiety, insomnia, etc… In Sanskrit the word oil, sneha, means LOVE. Oil has the same
properties as love: thick, grounding, nourishing, protecting, lubricating, giving energy and
well being… in Ayurveda lots of warm oil is used generously.
Massage stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system: you can relax deeply, letting go of
anchored fears, attachments, and energy flow can happen for healing powers to do their
wonderful job (homeostasis).
To receive caring holistic touch gives one a sense of being worthy of love, free of judgment,
free of any expectation or pressure, just the feeling of the holiness, sacredness of life. And as
the Kalarippayattu touch embraces the whole body-soul complex, its like the joy of a baby,
cared for, touched, in its totality, loved just for it being, and the awe of life through it!

Djahan as a modern dancer, travelled to India many times to study Indian arts,
Kalarippayattu and Mohini Attam. She has worked professionally mixing these with modern
dance, teaching, performing, touring, but also and specially sharing.
She has been giving Kalarippayattu massages with great enthusiasm for more than 20
As it is totally embedded in Ayurveda, she is now dedicated to studying it and is in 3d year
of Delight Academy of Ayurveda.
As a martial artist there is more strength applied, than the normal Ayurvedic massages.
This is thanks to the use of special low postures on the floor. According to choice, she offers
a relaxing full body and marma massage, or a longer, more active one, with some twists,
pulls, and stretches.

Prices: whole body kalari-ayurvedic massage
1h (+15mn consultation for ayurvedic oils): 100 euros
1h ayurvedic massage with pure raw sesame oil: 85 euros
Whole body kalari-ayur massage plus stretches and twists
1h30 (+ 15mn consultation+advices + ayur oils): 140 euros
1h30 non stop with pure raw sesame oil: 120 euros
After massage: please dress warmly, bring a hat to cover your head, and shower on getting
home: this finalizes the opening of the pores so that the herbal remedies in the oils
penetrate deeper into the body, healing and cleansing.
Contraindications: You should not receive massage if you have indigestion, fever, your
periods or are sick. Then the extra movement and/or oil can be counterproductive.


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