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Meet ~ Mahara


‘’A place to rest, unwind and just be’’


MAHARA is an urban temple and community where we learn more about different ancient wisdom traditions, natural & alternative medicine and ceremonies. A creative living room, a holistic hair and massage salon, the house of raw cacao, a mystery school and much more.


In the Maori language Mahara means the living room of remembrance, reminding us of who we are, our life values and how important it is to be present in every moment. These reminders come through music, poetry, a good conversation, a touch, a smile, soulful food & drinks, a ceremony, a workshop, stillness or by simply being in the atmosphere of Mahara.

Did you know:

❊ We have a Mongolian yurt and treehouse in the lush green jungle garden

❊ We always have a cup of fresh herbal tea ready for you

❊ We feel at home: most of us take our shoes and jacket off when entering

❊ We have a ninja house cat: Mr. Nusch (instafamous)

❊ At Mahara meaningful ‘coincidences’ and interactions happen all the time

❊ What binds us at Mahara is our curiosity to learn, grow and give back

De Clercqstraat 123
1053 AK, Amsterdam

EMAIL maharamsterdam(at)gmail.com
PHONE +(31)20-752-1871