Mahara’s Winter Medicine

Staying in-tune is a true alchemy. Not only should we keep our immune systems high, but also our energetic levels.

When the darker days arrive we are being pulled back into our deeper self, like a bear are we going back into a deep sleep where we have time to reflect and to rest. This can be a challenge especially with the lack of light and time that we sometimes need to recover.

Some of us know the ‘winter dip’ all too well. But beware … when you are in it, it’s already too late! So preparation is key. Just like the bear, who is eating lots of healthy foods during the season to prepare his body to rest for his deep sleep.

So in this article, Michelle is sharing all you need to know to keep your frequency thriving. From 5 essential ingredients to build your at-home natural apothecary to an array of soul nourishing practices.

From Mahara’s heart to yours, helping you boost your winter dip into a winter celebration!

Anti-winter dip top 5:

1. Lion’s mane

I also call this the Inner Sun! Lion’s Mane is really good for your central nerve system and one of the most highly nutritious components for your brain! Within our body we hold many glands that correspond with our endocrine system. These glands produce supporting hormones and also neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. In this case, specifically dopamine is something you want to raise in your brain. It will make you enjoy those beautiful cloudy skies and shorter days. 😉 And last but not least… it boosts your immune system!

3. Cacao

There is so much to share and there are many essentials that I would love to share with you but I can’t leave you without naming our beloved goddess IXCACAO!

Cacao = gold, just like the sun! It holds many minerals such as magnesium and sulfur, it has a beautiful balance of healthy fats and it has the right components of happy makers such as Theobromine. Cacao is a high antioxidant and helps to support the immune system and supports a good blood circulation beside this it’s an energizer and always brings the right people together!

After providing you with 5 external elements that support your internal system, we now go a bit deeper and work from the inside to the outside.

Other key practices to raise your vibration:

2. Vitamin D

We all might know this one by now….. but he’s still is your best friend during these days…. So don’t be too late and prepare your body by giving it already a good foundation of Mr. D. Vitamine D supports our immune system and helps with the intake of calcium and fosfor, it keeps your bones and muscles strong and it helps with the balance of your hormonal system which can help during the winter times. Normally we receive enough from the sun but within the darker days we need a little extra help, especially if you don’t eat meat or fish.

4. Ashwaganda

Ashwagandha is a root from India it is known as an adaptogen and it helps to manage the stress levels in the body. Ashwaganga also is known as a natural anti depressant and it boosts your immune system! When you take Ashwagandha together with vitamin C, it increases all …

5. Chaga

The queen of the forest! The list with the benefits of chaga is endless! Why? Because chaga and our cell membrane like each other a lot, they are almost mirrors for each other and start to collaborate together when they meet. Chaga goes into our body and will look for balance to support the system. Chaga contains adaptogen and many minerals and antioxidants to nourish and repair our bodies.


Movement is super important. Our body is our temple and we are the constructor’s of it for within and without. A balanced body is a tool to move on. To bring the body back into balance is a tool to get to know yourself even better. Movement as a practice is a beautiful mirror of how we are doing and where we can bring in more strength, flexibility, awareness or softness into the practice of daily life. This works on the physical, emotional and energetic system.


Meditation / prayer / singing / sound

One of the ways of raising vibration is through meditation, coming into prayer, singing and through sound and vibration. We don’t always need to go somewhere to reach this level, we have it all within and sometimes it takes a bit more dedication because this is a journey through many layers. But by pulling away each layer, you will go through significant changes. When we do this and when we focus our mind, sing through our heart, listen to beautiful sounds and music we become ourselves like a prayer and start to speak from our hearts. And this is where the most high speaks from. So enjoy the sound of your voice, expressing all what is so beautifully waiting to be spoken. Celebrate it and life becomes a ceremony!



We simply need each other. And if humans are to confront the heat of the moment, animals and plants are our best friends as well. When we connect there is a whole inner alchemy happening within our system. When we touch a person, animal, plant, tree or when we walk with our bare feet on the ground, we release and connect with something that is bigger than the eye might be able to see.


Serving the community, building of something meaningful

Feeling good is not always coming to you sometimes you have to move some mountains in order to get there. Being in service, to help and support something that is meaningful to you, can help so much with feeling better. We all came here with a purpose and a Divine plan and if you don’t fully know why you are here, it means that you have so much room to play to find out what you like to do in life!

To play, connect, create, share and experience life on a day to day play is something that can pull you through more difficult times. And you never know what doors you might be opening, and what beauty might walk into your life the very next day!