Meet the Team: Alba

Age: 25
Role at Mahara / Araham: lovely host
Sun / Moon / Rising: Aquarius + Leo + Leo
Favorite Mahara drink: Guatemala cacao latte
Morning ritual: I make myself a nice cup of cacao and set the intention of facing my day with an open heart and a clear mind.

Alba’s nr. 1 tip on raising your frequency: give a good hug and laugh with the people you love.

Looking backwards, the way I felt the first time I ever entered Mahara makes me smile. I didn’t really understand the concept of the space and frankly, I felt a huge resistance to be there. But in my life, everything that is good for me started out like this. After a gentle push by my partner at the time Pieter, I made an appointment with Michelle to cut my untamable curly hair. And then magic happened.


I never had someone taking such a deep look into my curls and shaping them one by one with so much care. That was the key to my heart. Then Michelle told me about her process of creation of Mahara and I was enchanted. Literally. Coming back home, feeling refreshed and full of joy, I couldn´t stop singing the name of Mahara everywhere I went, especially under the shower (acoustics are so good there…).


A little seed was planted and I had the deep wish of seeing it grow. I offered my hands and heart to be part of the community and since then a beautiful tree with many different branches is growing. The mystery of the urban temple remains — as it works in ways that goes beyond my understanding. But I enjoy and trust the ride fully.


I strongly believe that Mahara calls in people to find something they need from this sanctuary. And I can only welcome them with a smile and wish them a good ride for themselves with a cup of deliciousness.


Much love,