♡   Cacao Ceremony ♡ with Michelle


Cacao Ceremony with Michelle

Wednesday, June 9th
19:00 – 22:00


♡   Cacao Ceremony ♡ with Michelle

Mahara is the house of cacao, and therefore we would love to share this magical heart opening ceremony with you…

We invite you to join us in a pop-up cacao ceremony this evening. Limited seats available in our cosy yurt (a maximum of 8 participants) so sign up in time to reserve your space!

We enjoy, we celebrate, we share, we love, we sing, we pray, we listen, we forgive and we dive deep into the holy grail filled with delicious, smooth and sacred cacao!

We invite you into the temple of Mahara and into the temple deep within your heart. The space will be held for you to fully surrender into what is.

We all love cacao and because it is not just a food but a medicine as well. Cacao is used throughout time by many cultures to heal and to transform. To share this space with each other is a blessing for one and another and a gift for yourself!
In preparation for this special evening, it is best to eat light, the more empty your stomach is, the deeper your inner work can be.


With love,

Wednesday, June 9th
19:00 – 22:00


Mahara’s Yurt