♡ Cacao Ceremony: Valentine Edition ♡


Will you be our Valentine?

We more than welcome you into your Inner Heart Space.

Because who better to celebrate your life with, from birth to the final transition, than YOU? Mahara’s cacao ceremony will be a celebration, a true celebration of the love that we feel for this moment within ourselves!

We will share this experience together, trough the inner-net and in front of your own altar in your personal space.

Mahara will prepare a home made cacaobar that you can melt into a delicious drink. So that we can all drink from the same cup, divided into many. Michelle will prepare this liquid gold under prayers of love and connection with all that is.

On the 14th of Feb we will all gather trough the inner-net and a little bit of Zoom, to expand our heart space into one big field of Love….. And this is exactly the medicine we need.

May the cacao that we drink warm our joyful heart,
May the cacao that we drink open our loving heart,
May the cacao that we drink heal our gentle heart,
May the cacao that we drink attract what we are longing for…

May we all rise in our essence by sharing the liquid gold and come into a place of vulnerability by transforming the lower into the higher,
May we celebrate life together and dance on the dance floor of Mother Earth under the disco lights of the Fatherly Heavens.


We welcome you home, into your home.

Happy Valentine.

*Tickets: 33euro incl. cacao (to be picked up at our shop or sent to your home)